Plastic Bottle Design.

Low production costs and material flexibility give scope for a wide range of design possibilities unique to plastic.

In today’s world, the conservation of resources is critically important. Environmental concerns and the spiraling cost of raw materials are the driving forces behind widespread light-weighting programs everywhere. The challenge is to save weight without compromising on style or performance - a challenge that we have been meeting for decades.

Plastic has become precious, so every fraction of a gram must be used to best effect, which requires some clever design work. With our in-depth understanding of the relevant material properties and manufacturing systems we have the ability to get plastic bottle designs right first time, saving time and money.

Glass Bottle Design.

We haven’t been designing bottles for quite as long as glass has been around - but we still know how to handle this ancient material.

Glass remains the packaging medium of choice for premium drinks and small sizes where shelf life issues dictate. We’re very familiar with the complex shapes, detailed embossing and extreme technical challenges posed by the premium wine and spirit bottle market sector, which represents a significant proportion of our business.

With decades of experience designing in glass, we specialise in translating bottle designs from PET to glass, and vice versa. Glass demands a disciplined approach to design in which physical limitations like mould opening release angles and undercuts have to be properly considered. The technical advantages and limitations of glass are aspects that we’re familiar with and have become masters of over the years.

Preform Design.

When it comes to preforms, we find the optimum balance which delivers the best return on investment.

Preform design requires many different (often conflicting) parameters to be taken into consideration to produce the optimum design solution. For example a short thick-walled preform may provide the best bi-axial orientation levels in the bottle but it will also carry an injection-moulding cycle time penalty. We adopt an holistic design approach which considers the total costs of operation from PET pellet to bottle on supermarket shelf.

We have extensive experience in this field having developed many different, successful preform designs for Coca Cola and many other operations around the world over the last 15 years.

We also provide widemouth (jar) preform designs for several customers.

Glassware Design.

How you drink is almost as important as what you drink.

Ever drunk a shot from a pint glass? Maybe you have, but to achieve the best drinking experience the vessel should suit the beverage. Sipping a dram of whisky from a beautifully cut short glass can make it taste just that bit sweeter.

In the cases where we’ve already designed the bottle, we really understand the packaging aesthetic and the tone that the brand wants to project as a whole.

We can take experience and knowledge gained in the bottle designing process and apply it to the design of glassware, creating a beverage package that is cohesive from the moment you open the bottle to the moment you take that first sip.