Our Services.

Technical Design
Photo Real Rendering
Organic 3D Design
Rapid Prototyping
Industry Connections
01 Consultancy

By understanding the needs and expectations of our client, we can take an idea or concept and produce effective design solutions. Many clients rely on our comprehensive technical knowledge to transform an impossible concept into a cost effective reality.

02 Conceptualisation

Competitor analysis and market research inform conceptual designs which are presented with full explanations of design rationale. In this stage we relax the technical constraints and think freely, maximising the creative compass of the design brief.

03 Technical Design

Homing in on feasible and cost effective designs, we refine initial ideas to deliver a design that retains the essence of the concept in a form which can be manufactured efficiently. We supply technically accurate 3D CAD data and a comprehensive 2D specification drawing.

04 Photo Real Rendering

To aid the decision-making process we often provide photo-real images and 3D 360° animated renders of proposed new designs. These are also valuable for research and marketing purposes.

05 Organic 3D Design

Over the years, we have developed a method that allows us to create 3D designs with organic freeflowing surfaces and unique surface textures, which can be used directly by model makers or manufacturers.

06 Rapid Prototyping

There is nothing like holding the actual design in your hand, and we can quickly supply full scale models for assessment - either 3D printed using our Formlabs Form 2 SLA printer or CNC machined lucites manufactured directly from our 3D CAD data.

07 Industry Connections

Mold suppliers use our 3D data directly to cut the mold cavities ensuring optimum accuracy and repeatability. We have well established links to all of the major mold and machine suppliers.