• Work We've Done.

    Harris Gin


    Creating a design that delivered the weathered, natural and eroded feel conceived by Stranger & Stranger was the challenge we faced when working on Harris Gin. By working with a tactile, sculptural approach, we produced the organic forms of this bottle. Light playing through the helical ribs and the undulations of the glass give a sense of the shores from which the gin came.

  • Work We've Done.

    Coca-Cola Modern


    When a design is as iconic and timeless as the Coca-Cola Contour, taking it in a new direction can be a tricky feat. We were able to realise the design that Coca-Cola envisioned to bring the classic lines and curves of the Contour into the modern era. The eponymous Coca-Cola script wraps around the shoulder of the bottle subtly and playfully, cut halfway by the label, embodying the brand that we all know in a modern and witty way.

  • Work We've Done.

    Kraken Rum


    Evoking grog bottles of yesteryear, the twin loop handles and short wide stance are essential design keys for the brand. Manufacturing handled glassware poses some difficult technical challenges and we were especially careful to make sure that the bottle could be manufactured efficiently and economically when producing this design in partnership with Stranger & Stranger.

  • Work We've Done.

    Fanta Twist


    In a crowded marketplace, shelf impact is key and Fanta Twist has this in spades! Cleverly positioning the label towards the shoulder of the bottle ensures that Fanta Twist stands out, whilst the unusual “twist” in the body of the bottle maintains the sense of fun and playfulness Fanta is known for. We were able to deliver the design that Coca-Cola wanted while keeping to strict manufacturing guidelines and limitations across a wide range of product sizes in both glass and PET.

  • Work We've Done.

    Fanta Klassik


    The retro vibe of Fanta Klassik is evident from the label to the glass colour and bottle shape. The bottle is based on the iconic Ring 0.25L bottle from the 60s, which we were able to recreate accurately. The conical neck sits atop tactile rings, creating a simple design that is able to stand out against its more contemporary looking competitors.

  • Work We've Done.



    The slender neck of this bottle contrasts with the squat solid body and rounded shoulder. Taking Stranger & Stranger’s concept, the bottle celebrates the strong citrus flavour of this Sicilian orange liqueur. However, the real showstopper is the orange press style push-up. We relished the challenge of creating such an unusual push-up that is feasible to manufacture commercially and doesn’t compromise on the unique form desired.

  • Work We've Done.



    In some cases, simplicity is beauty. Smartwater is a brand that prides itself on purity and this is reflected in the bottle design. However, there is more to this simple bottle. We were able to lightweight the base design whilst ensuring the smooth clean style wasn’t compromised, saving Glaceau significant time, cost and materials.

  • Work We've Done.



    To create the authentic prehistoric shape of the Mamont vodka bottle we modelled the shape on a real fossilised mammoth’s tusk. By studying a cast of the tusk’s shape, we were able to produce a design that was true to form whilst delivering on basic functionality, such as being able to apply a label to the bottle body. A bottle entirely true to the shape of the tusk would result in a surface that cannot be labelled by a machine. Consideration was also given to ensuring that the closure continued the same curved shape and didn’t compromise on the seal of the product, giving a sleek overall design.

Launch Packaging Design red logo

Bridging the gap between aesthetic design and technical demand.

Launch Packaging Design is a packaging design agency that has been providing design and technical consultancy services to not only some of the world’s biggest consumer brands, but also start-ups and up-and-coming design agencies, assisting them in bringing brand new and exciting product to market.

During the many years we have been in the packaging industry we have been involved
in developing exciting and award-winning glass and plastic bottle designs with companies such as Coca Cola, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Highland Spring, helping them to maintain and grow market share.

We bridge the gap between the aesthetic design and styling services offered by most creative design agencies, and the principally technical approach adopted by many manufacturers.

Our Philosophy.

There’s out-of-the-box creativity, and there’s in-the-box creativity – fortunately we’re good at both!

We think conceptualising ideas should be an out-of-the-box creative process, approached with an open mind to allow creativity to flourish, ultimately leading to designs that are both innovative and appealing to consumers. However, at some point in a project, important boundaries need to considered, such as cost effectiveness and technical requirements. These can at first seem like a burden, but with a bit of in-the-box creativity, a balance can be struck that respects all stakeholders in a project and enables the production of a package worthy of the original conception. It’s what we’ve been doing for over two decades in the packaging industry.

We Have Helped.

Design Agencies

Design agencies approach us with concepts and our first job is to share in their vision. As designers ourselves we understand how important the aesthetic of a design is to them and also the client they represent, but we also have the knowledge and experience to know that not everything is possible. Through technical consultancy and 3D structural design, we begin the development process of balancing the technical requirements and the needs of the designer, aiming to produce a product that is beautiful, technically feasible and within budget.

Production Companies

We have partnered with large packaging production companies throughout the world to act as their very own technical design department, bringing a balance between our combined technical knowledge and creative flair. Our design services, in combination with our technical knowledge, makes us the perfect partner for any large production company that wants to be able to offer their clients their own design services.


Whether our client comes prepared with a fully rendered visual of their vision complete with full technical requirements or they throw us a sketch scribbled on a napkin and don’t know their neck finish from their petaloid base, we have helped many new companies launch a product from start to finish. We utilise our knowledge and position in the market, delivering products that meet both the client’s aesthetic desires and technical production requirements.

What We Do.

Plastic Bottle Design

Launch is experienced in designing bottles using injection stretch-blow moulded PET, extrusion-blown PE and other materials whilst consciously light-weighting without compromising on style or performance.

Glass Bottle Design

Glass continues to rule in premium applications like wines and spirits and Launch has been involved in creating some of the most dramatic bottle designs to hit the shelves.

Preform Design

The physical properties of a PET bottle are largely determined by the preform from which it is blown. Technical demands of preform design, such as stretch ratios, are elements that Launch is adept at tackling.

Glassware Design

Chalices, flutes and steins all conjure up different products. Launch understands that the product you drink should be reflected in the vessel from which you drink.